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We're a charity based in the United Kingdom that's dedicated to creating hope for families whose lives are devastated by childhood cancer

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Our Story

Opie Jones, our son, was just 5 months old when he was diagnosed with Infant Leukaemia, an aggressive type of Leukaemia resistant to standard treatments. Opie had months of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, but sadly he relapsed shortly after his 1st birthday.

It was then Opie was given a personalised cell therapy called CAR-T, becoming the 9th child of his age in Europe to have the treatment. It worked, and Opie remains cancer free. The treatment is kinder than traditional treatments, with fewer side effects, yet is currently only available in the UK after a child relapses.

Cell and Gene Therapies are the future of cancer treatment and should not be the last resort for our children.

The trauma of caring for your child during and after cancer treatment is devastating, isolating and incredibly hard. This affects siblings, wider family members and friendships too – navigating life can seem like a constant uphill struggle.

We want to help families whose child has been diagnosed with cancer by providing support, resources and access to appropriate emotional and mental health therapies. We want to advocate for wider access to approved therapies such as CAR-T.

This starts with the Opie Jones Foundation. We need your help so please get in touch!  

Lucy and Lewis (Opie’s Mum & Dad)

Our Objectives

Bringing hope of better outcomes to the families of children whose lives are devastated by cancer.

Funding emotional and mental health support to family members of children diagnosed with cancer

Creating access to CAR-T resources to patients and their families

Raising awareness of childhood cancers as well as of kinder approved, innovative treatments, such as CAR-T therapies

Advocating for kinder treatments to be more accessible to those who need them

"He really is just like any other kid. He's the cheekiest little boy, he's so funny"

Lucy Ellerker-Jones, Opie's mum

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